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Mari Translation Service マリ トランスレーション サービス

Tel 080-1667-8048

140-806、Furumakiyama、Misawa shi, Aomori ken

Business Content

  • ・We send translators wherever you need.
  • ・Events, parties, business meetings.
  • ・We translate documents and paper works.
  • ・We can provide the site coordination such as construction site, any kind of job site in Japan.
  • ・If you are looking for Japanese subcontractors, we can help you.
  • ・If you need rental equipments, hotel arrangements and rental cars, etc.
  • ・If you are working on US Air, Base, we can take care of form 103, 380, 301 etc.
Business Content


Translation Documents: Letter size 4000yen(basic fee) per page.
Cost changes depending on the type of the documents.
We can translate any kind of documents, certifications.

For translation on site, we charge 3000yen(basic fee) per hour.
It changes depending on the type of meeting and job site.
Interpreter's transportation and hotel fee might add to the cost.
We can also offer the monthly contract.
Please contact us for the details.

Back ground

Mari Sasaki
Born in Aomori, Japan
Worked for Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd as a field office manager for 16 years.
Translation and site coordination at construction site on US military base in Japan.
Translation and coordination for CIH at asbestos abatement work.

Volunteer Experience:
President of Japanese American Friendship Club in Misawa city for 3 years.
Coordination and translation support for English Language School in Misawa City.

Mari Sasaki

Tel 080-1667-8048